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Planning and Design

Design with these fundamental objectives of our unit, improve the conditions of people in and out of their way to create inspiring places.

Only form of design, shapes and materials that combine action, not an abstract; is an effort to solve problems for people. Design units create an artistic form of this problem by upgrading to one of us, people work, live, learn, explore, and in this way to diversify forms enriches people's lifestyle.

In this context, the design of our group functions the right solution that will allow the aesthetic values ​​venue based as required by the manner in light of the dynamic, efficient, unique and functional designs creates a physical environmental conditions the best way to evaluate for the purpose develops concepts. Each project is evaluated within the framework of its own and is revealed at the end of a process that is based on research.

Listens to your wishes after you learn your vision and your audience will return to you with the most appropriate creative solutions.

Project and design work of our group project

·         At the request of the customer preliminary project preparation and pre-design programming.

·         Architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, project preparation and interdisciplinary coordination

·         Preparation of interior design projects

·         The choice of decoration materials

·         Landscaping projects and garden arrangement

·         Master plans and local development plans, urban design projects

·         Concept designs

·         Applications for the detail drawings

·         Metering, exploration and preparation of technical specifications

·         Preliminary studies and feasibility studies

·         strategic planning

·         Project presentations and animations

The study covers.

After you create one project during the implementation phase of our project also always found and with experience in business includes the results may be satisfactory in every way allows.

At the beginning of the design process at the end of the manufacturing phase continuity solutions are produced thinkers accordingly. Tailor-made solutions and one-off designs emerges.