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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Transfer & Dedusting

Hydraulic systems are used in the field such as industrial applications, automatisation systems or pressing process which needs too much force. Here, the hydraulic does not mean water, it means lubricant. Water can not be compressed so pressure can be increased too much and we can reach the high amount of force as proportion to the area. Project and system installation of these system can be performed by our company.

Pneumatic conveying and dedusting are working in same principle.

Materials are transferred from one place to other by using the pneumatic devices such as fan and blower. On the other side, materials are separated from the air by using filter material.

Dedusting is actually an aspiration technique. The materials can be dust or gas. When the material is dust and the dust is removed from the ambient, this process is dedusting. The sources of the dust are vacuumed. On the opposite side, it is separated in terms of the usage aim.