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Energy sector is the heart of the matter for development policy of developed countries.  Developing technology and growing population cause more energy demand. Furthermore; due to the risk of finite fossil energy sources, future anxiety of the countries in the energy sector is increasing as the day goes on.

Industrialization, population growth, urbanization and increased trade opportunities arising from globalization cause to increase the demand for energy and natural sources. According to International Energy Agency; in case of the continuation of current energy policies and the supply, the world's primary energy demand is projected to increase by 40% between 2007-2030.

Turkey's energy policy principally aims at:

  • Making energy available for the consumers in terms of cost, time and amount,
  • Exploiting public an private facilities within the framework of free market practices,
  • Discouraging import dependency,
  • Securing a strong position for our country in regional and global trade of energy,
  • Ensuring the availability of diversified resources, routes and technologies
  • Ensuring maximum use of renewable resources,
  • Increasing energy efficiency,
  • Minimizing negative environmental impact while producing and using energy and natural resources.